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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does Maisha offer?

Subscribers to Maisha are entitled to unlimited emergency medical evacuation flights in a year. During the year of cover, unlimited ground ambulance transport will also be granted in Kenya. Maisha subscribers are also able to contact our 24-hour Control Room for emergency medical advice. Through Maisha, you are directly linked to the service provider, meaning no lag between the request for emergency evacuation and action.

How much does it cost to subscribe to the Maisha, the new air evacuation scheme?

Maisha offers four levels of subscription for individuals, families, small groups, and corporates.

What is the geographical coverage of the evacuation service?

The coverage varies between the different levels of cover: Maisha Bronze – Kenya (air and ground evacuation) Maisha Silver – Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar Maisha Gold – Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi Maisha Platinum – Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, and Ethiopia

Can I subscribe to the service if I do not have an existing medical Insurance?

Yes. Our covers compliments your medical insurance policy

At what point does your obligation end, once you start the evacuation?

AMREF Flying Doctors will liaise with hospitals and doctors where necessary to make the medical evacuation as smooth and swift as possible. We can also assist in arranging hospital admission and will take the patient from the airport to the hospital of choice in Nairobi. However, AMREF Flying Doctors does not accept any responsibility for hospital payments or other related medical expenses.

Do you allow an evacuee to fly with a next-of-kin where a third party has to assist with hospital procedures?

Yes, subject to availability of space in the aircraft.

What if I am not close to any airport?

We keep a current database of all serviced airports and airstrips all over the East Africa region and we will endeavour to pick you from the closest airstrip. If medical ground transport is not available at the location of the patient, we can assist in arranging the same.

What kind of medical care/support can I expect during the evacuation?

AMREF Flying Doctors aircraft and ground ambulances are fitted with intensive care medical equipment. Highly qualified and experienced medical personnel will accompany each evacuation flight. From the time we pick you to the time you’re admitted to the hospital, you will be in the professional hands of our medical team.

What medical condition warrants an air evacuation under the Maisha scheme?

AMREF Flying Doctors will provide its best effort to assist any patient in need. Our medical staff in our 24-hour Emergency Control Centre will assess each evacuation request. This assessment may include a conversation with the patient’s treating doctor, an official at the site of the accident, or a next of kin who is with the patient in order to establish the nature and extent of the illness/injury. Any patient with an acute and serious medical condition will be evacuated by Air Ambulance to Nairobi. In cases that are not critical, AMREF Flying Doctors reserves the right to refer patients to a nearby medical facility/doctor where applicable. In cases where the medical condition does not warrant an air evacuation, patients can still be evacuated against payment.

How long does it take for AMREF Flying Doctors to mobilise an Air Ambulance?

It is our goal to dispatch an Air Ambulance as fast as possible. When we receive a call for assistance, our staff will immediately start to work on the case, providing first aid medical advice or give direction to the closest medical facility where applicable, collect information about the patient’s condition, the location, details of the nearest airstrip and validity of the Maisha cover, etc. In cases of cross-border operations, flight clearances will also be obtained. While all this is going on, the caller will be kept updated and informed of the aircraft’s arrival time as soon as possible. The actual mobilisation of the aircraft and crew can be as fast as 20 minutes from the time of the call. However, as outlined above, certain logistical and aviation requirements that are necessary to provide a successful evacuation flight can take additional time.

Is there a limit to the number of times one can be evacuated during a subscription year?

No. During the subscription period, Maisha policy holders are entitled to unlimited medical emergency air evacuations

Are there any hidden costs over and above the Maisha subscription fee?

No. The benefits stated under Maisha are what you get for your annual subscription. No additional payments will be requested from you. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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